If you are interested in taking a Fit3D body scan or have taken a scan and have questions about your results or the information you see in your dashboard, check here first!

  • How do I log in? What is my username? plus icon minus icon
  • You've taken a scan and now you want to check out your results! Well here's what you do next.   Go to dashboard.fit3d.com to login to your account. There you'll need to enter your username - this i... See more
  • How to manage your profile plus icon minus icon
  • After logging in at Fit3D.com, you will be taken to your Dashboard Click on the Account icon from the menu Select My Profile, and then Edit Profile You will me able to edit your: First/Last Name, ... See more
  • How to update your email address plus icon minus icon
  • Changing your email address is a quite common and a simple request that we would be happy to assist you with. Simply provide the following information and we'll update your email address for you. P... See more
  • How to reset your password plus icon minus icon
  • If you're experiencing issues at our log in page, consider resetting your password. To reset your password, use the Reset Password link under the login fields. Enter the... See more
  • How to change the language on your dashboard plus icon minus icon
  • In order to change your selected viewing language, go to the Fit3D login page.   At the lower left corner, you'll likely see English to start.  Click that button...  ....to see the list of options... See more
  • How to download measurements plus icon minus icon
  • Log in to Fit3d.com, you will be taken to your dashboard. Select the History Icon, and select Scan History After clicking on Download Measurements the file should attempt to download.(Make sure to ... See more
  • How to delete a scan plus icon minus icon
  • Log in to your account at Fit3D.com You will arrive at your Dashboard Select the History Icon and choose Scan History Identify the scan you want to delete and press Delete You will be asked to co... See more
  • No scan available when I log in plus icon minus icon
  • "My scan says 'uploading' when I login... what gives?" Every scan that is captured is composed of an incredible amount of raw information. We securely encrypt and upload to our servers... See more
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